The process of writing, when it isn’t so frustrating is truly amazing. I think this is the reason that writing fascinates me. Every word and idea and image presents me with many ways I can go. Sometimes, of course, I do explore many options, frequently getting entangled if not strangled on them. The paralysis that follows is an indication that I haven’t found the way. And then miraculously one day I know which one to take and how to go. This knowing always feels like grace.

Coercion, force, power doesn’t work.  Patience, waiting, working, an alert and conscious surrendering, so very difficult to do, is what produces results.  What makes it difficult is my impatience, my pushing too hard, forgetting that coercion won’t work, that the most difficult material is also the most fruitful in terms of plot and development.

It teaches me how to live.

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