I’m making up for all the posts I won’t be writing for over a month starting the beginning of April, as I travel to India to be with my mother and then head up to Behta Pani, our home in the hills. I want to say   that doing a thing like embroidering, or knitting, or beading really helps when you are feeling down or desperate. I always have a ‘crafty’ project for such moments, and for those wonderful spaces in a day when all one wants to do is sit down — yes, just park that ass in a chair, preferably before a window, so the outdoors is right there beside you, like for me the shimmering of the ocean on these marvelously sunny days, shimmering like a presence — and do something while doing nothing. Busy hands, empty mind. A few days ago I had a rather bad moment and it was amazing how instantly knitting my current scarf pulled me out of it right away, calmed me down, and changed my course from storm to sunny. These activities are meditations — not just for the mind but for the eyes and hands. I have got some absolutely stunning wool from The Black Sheep here in Encinitas — I only bought one ball of it because it was so darn expensive — $63 — and am knitting a narrow scarf with it. It is such a pleasure for the eyes! I call it my cockatoo scarf. (Nothing is too expensive when it comes to rescuing you! I might even get another one! A session at the therapist costs more.)

When I have bathed and am looking less scruffy and shlumpy than I am looking now, I will take a picture of it and post it for you.

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