I feel like writing another post, just that little itch that wants to scribble, but I don’t know what. Let me, as we always do when we don’t know what to say, talk about the weather. Here in Southern California we are so spoiled that one cloudy day sends us (me, at least), into a funk. But that’s all I have to say about the weather so I’ll chew on something else.

It seems to me that transition times are the hardest on the psyche. Last month was a busy month: travel, family, a rental house that needed to be fixed up in a big way, ill-health, dentist appointments. I am in the space between busy-ness and slipping again into a very congenial solitude which hasn’t happened yet. And the problem with transitions is impatience with the time needed to transition to the next stage. I think that impatience is the root of many of our troubles.

There is, however, something we can do during transitions that ease them. The trick is remembering to do them — and I swear by them. I meditated after my whine, just twenty minutes, took a shower, and did yoga for 40 minutes. I am a new person, and ready for my day.

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