Well, it’s been another long blogging hiatus. I have been so busy for the past three months that after arriving home in our mountain home and powering out for five days getting the house ready, I simply crashed. Much needed crash, in fact. I lounge about in my pajamas all  day and for the past two days, haven’t stepped out of the gate of the house. Before that in addition to everything else, I was hiking daily too. I have barely rested and have to go down to the city again tomorrow since Payson is arriving on early 6th from the US. We will stay there for about five days and then drive back up here again. I can’t wait.

It is cool (cold for me) up here, and I am sitting in bed with my hot water bottle, scribbling here. All in all I have had a fabulous time here by myself for a week — this is my one week entirely to myself and though it gets lonely without P sometimes, I am happy to catch up with myself. What does this mean? Mainly, experiencing being alone and all that it entails. There is a certain freedom in it, though I have had precious little of it because there is so very much to do when you are opening up and reestablishing a home after six months. You wouldn’t believe how much, even though I have often had a staff of 7 to help me out. There are so many things that I alone can do. I have this tendency to organize every little drawer upon first returning, both here and in the US. I do it till I get sick of it, then allow myself happily to walk about in chaos. When I had enough of it a few days ago, I discovered a neat little trick of sweeping everything into drawers and shelves that I will later take care of at my leisure.

There, so I have told you what I have been up to. But I have also happily been organizing chapters of the two books I am working on and have made good headway. Writing, when it is happening, is never work but joy.

I am also falling in love again with my dogs. There is always a sort of ‘coolness’ between us for a few days after the initial effusive greeting. We have learned to live without each other and must get accustomed to loving again. This invariably happens with Payson and me too after we have been apart for a month. Loving is very much a habit and sometimes it takes getting used to again.

On another note, while the staff were clearing up the driveway to our home, they discovered four morel mushrooms under some stones. Here is the picture. Those of you who know about them, know how expensive and rare they are. In subsequent posts I will include some more photos. Oops, failed to load. will try again.


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