It is so simple and one can do it in one’s own time without having to drive anywhere, without having to dress up. One can do it one’s pajamas! An email when you feel like it, a quiet connection, without spoken words, just the written ones, for which I have a huge preference.

Are we getting too inner? This is a question that must be answered for oneself. As far as I am concerned, one can never be inner enough. I love the quiet of my days, all becoming Sundays, I would say, without any pressures to go anywhere or do anything in particular, though doing remains my delight. I love scribbling, doing the few things my body wants to do when it wants it, and resting when it says, okay, take a break!

As Wordsworth said: I love not man (or woman) the less, but nature more. In this particular case, my own nature.

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