The first step is to recognize the importance of long term goals. The second is to understand that one has to begin now; the third is that small steps, really tiny, baby steps in that direction begins the process. Financially, no, don’t buy that right now, save it, etc. I can’t tell you how grateful I am at the age of 66 that both Payson and I were frugal and careful with finances all our lives. The retired life — and who doesn’t want one — should be free of trouble in the mind as far as finances are concerned. It is when we withdraw from the market place of consumption and turn to the market place of service, in all its meanings. The same holds true for physical goals — and by this I mean nurturance of the body. Don’t eat this, it will upset your stomach; get in that walk and that stretching, lift some weights so as to be strong as to move into the AGE OF WEAKNESS.

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