I have come up with a trick about worrying that works for me and which I want to share with you, whoever you are. I want to give gifts to those who take the trouble to visit this site. I like to think they are gifts and I hope you do, too. Ultimately, of course, whether you think so or not doesn’t matter. What does is my own desire to give them and the consequent sense of satisfaction.

I don’t like to worry — who does? It gnaws away at our energy and our peace like little rats. My worries lately have been about relationships. Being a direct sort of person, living from the inside out, and jealous of my space and solitude, I worry about offending people and losing friendships that are dear to me. I have constructed a worry room in the vast, endless spaces of my mind and when a thought worries me, I first try to do something about it, like call up those people and make amends, and if that doesn’t work, banish the sources of my worry to the WORRY ROOM and lock the door! I say, stay here, please, for a while. I respect you, respect the information about myself that you are giving me, but I don’t need you now. Goodbye!

Most often the worry vanishes or resolves itself one way or another. These tricks of the mind are very helpful for survival, peace and joy.

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