To further explain Payson’s reference to the breaching whales: A few days ago, we were on the deck (Oh these wonderful sun-filled California days! I hate mentioning it because of what the rest of the country is going through, but here it is, a lovely fact that also has its dark side: no rain! Drought!) and it was getting hot for me so I just returned to the house and then something — I have no idea what — took me up to the deck again, and there very close to shore, three blocks away, I saw a dark form in the water, and I shouted, a whale, a whale! Payson ran and got the binocs, and by God, there were two whales, breaching the water, jumping out of it, cavorting. We watched them till they disappeared south, out of view. This is the first time I have seen them from the deck, though I have seen the sprays of their  breaths many times on the horizon.

I have no doubt that what took me back to the deck — for no reason at all — was the whales calling, calling to me! I think the world IS personal when we look at it that way. Of course this thought has its opposite — what about the ‘bad’ things that happen? Is that also the world being personal, targeting us, so to speak?  This question deserves another post, but for right now, let’s stay with the lovely thought that flowers and trees bloom for you and me. I believe it to be true. All of creation is a spectator sport. We were created to watch and delight in the watching!

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