It seems to me as I observe Donald’s 20th death anniversary by 

  1. making music in his memory, specifically a shabad (Sikh hymn) he used to sing along with me: sat guru shabad ujaaro deepa : the guru’s word lights a lamp in the darkness of the heart, dispelling the darkness and revealing the temple inside full of jewels and gems; 
  2. thinking about his life, his presence, his absence, his richness, his poetry, songs, music; giving thanks for all of it;
  3. feeding lunch and ghee and almond halwa to our staff; 
  4. contemplating how my life has been enriched in the past twenty years by the presence of Payson and many other things;
  5. reflecting on the necessity to let life, all of it, painful and joyous, move through me, and keeping my mind and heart always open
I realize how essential it is to pay attention to anniversaries. It helps you to live mindfully, with consciousness, stopping, as it were, to take stock, to give thanks, and prepare for the coming years. Anniversaries bring to consciousness the passage of time, the arcs of our lives, the presence and absence of people in it, our own presence on this planet and our inevitable absence in it.  

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