This is what meditation helps us do. Yesterday I experienced a brief moment — well, perhaps about 10 minutes or so — of this state. I’ll tell you why it’s important to experience it:  most of our lives are spent yo-yoing between hope and despair, elation at ‘success’ and dejection at rejection; we are blinded by the state we are in, one or other pole of the duality that is life. This holy space unites us in silence — it is the temple where both are one.

I have seized this space with both hands. It is more precious to me now than anything else. I have a name for it: God, featureless, imageless, void. It is a very portable space, this vastness unbounded by this or that, and I can take it with me where ever I go. All I have to do is remember it and it is there, in all its presence, this precious, precious quietude.

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