There has been a time lapse between my writing some of these posts and posting them. I am now a day away from leaving for the city, to be with my mother, receive Payson when he comes to India, and fly off the same day to Mumbai.

Twelve days after coming here, I finally have internet. People steal wires here to sell the copper that is in them. Also, people do something very horrible — they cut the wires and throw the live wires in the water of our stream to kill the trout en masse, without concerns that they are breeding now. The direct result of this is we don’t have electricity for days!

But I have enjoyed my stay here — almost two weeks; loved my precious solitude. This is my yearly dose of it. I am almost sorry I have to leave here — falling into a fine rhythm. BUT one flexibility is the greatest of all virtues, and I am almost happy to be leaving here as well.

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