When I arrived home this time, my mother looked really weak and run down. I thought, looking at her, is this it? After eating fruit I sat by her eating nuts from a bag that I had brought with me. I did not offer her any because I knew from years of experience that she never takes anything to eat from me, worrying that I might have touched it with dirty hands.  When I was about to get up, she said, what are you eating? I showed her the bag. She reached in, took one cashew – always her favorite — and put it in her mouth. Well folks, it wasn’t just the fact that she did this that amazed me, though that in itself was amazing. It was the effect the cashew had on her.  
She sat up, her face looked bright; she began to chatter as usual. It may be an exaggeration but I swear by the power in nuts. They have become my staple these days. I eat fruit, vegetables, some fish, and nuts. I have lost three pounds, and I feel better than I ever have. I have more energy and my brain in not in my stomach, digesting un-nutritious pabulum. If you eat too many of them, then that will have ill effects, too, mainly weight gain. But in moderate amounts they are the best sort of calories and fuel.  

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