There is something about this Indian heat that loosens the muscles and the mind and allows you to relax in a way that you can’t where the climate is cold. I never get enough heat in either the US or in our mountain retreat in India. I don’t have a thought in my head! I don’t want a thought in my head. This is a very scary thought for me because thoughts are my business as a writer, and I fear, oh no, this is it! But I keep this thought at bay. I also just re-read some quotes that I had gathered for my book, THE WRITING WARRIOR, and here they are:

I have seemed to myself very indolent at times,
when, as it afterwards appeared, much was accomplished in me. RALPH WALDO
EMERSON, in his Journal.
A man is not idle because he is absorbed in
thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor . . . .
Thales remained motionless for four years. He founded philosophy. VICTOR HUGO
Inaction is only a gathering together of forces
for the coming leap — the fallow years are just as natural, just as necessary
as the years of plenty. ELBERT HUBBARD

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