A few days ago I was invited by some people in the village because they had invited the gods to their home to thank them for fulfilling a wish. In the Kullu Valley people worship their Gods in the form of masks, often made of Gold and silver, who they mount on wood and posts and carry them around on their shoulders. Three gods were visiting this time, Shringa Rishi, the head God of the entire valley, Boodee Nagan (Old Snake Woman) and her son, Shesha Naag.

I dressed up in a silk Indian outfit and off I trekked with Himmat and Meera, who you have encountered in this blog before, to our village. Quite a hike. The village square was filled with people feasting on four goats that had been sacrificed to the gods that morning. By the time I arrived I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was hungry and exhausted, and ended up eating some of the meat, too.

The women of the house wanted to take a picture of me, and here are the Gods and me, too. I am wearing the traditional Kullu hat they gifted me with. They were all really sweet and loving. I felt very nurtured.

failed to upload. My computer is very slow in India, just like the Indians. will try to upload separately, as with the mushrooms.

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