I was sitting in our Zen Room (what a room! A place where I sit and watch God’s living, moving painting outside the large windows, dramatic Southern California sunsets over the Pacific in particular ), wondering how I had, through all my journeys, landed up here, in the Zen Room, in Del Mar, California, with Payson, my partner and best friend, when I had a vision of the geometry of my life, loops and coils, large and small, with smaller ones within larger ones, and smaller ones within the smaller ones, ad infinitum, and all the major and minor loops connected by arcs. 

As the year ends, I want to leave you contemplating the possibility that there is a geometry of our lives, however chaotic they may seem at moments as we go about our days with blinkers on, being too much in the moment (yes, being in the Now has its down side, too!) and unable to see the overall and overarching patterns that we are. Yes, we are patterns, perhaps waves of patterns, moving, shifting, like clouds upon the constant sky, symmetrical for the most part, and even when asymmetrical and seemingly haphazard, stunningly beautiful.    

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