Next day drove for another two hours and found the caves were closed on Monday. P very disappointed, but recovered after we walked into the Taj and sat around drinking coffee. I even shopped at a boutique and bought myself a silk kurta with chickenkari. Later, had a great lunch at a restaurant called The Table. In the evening I went for the cast party at Preeta’s house while Payson rested. 

Recalled again James Joyce’s quote about how the author stays in the wings, detached, pairing his fingernails. Really, the playwright is quite extraneous to the process of production. I was so happy just to be a witness. Loved being with cast, talking and smoozing and laughing. 

The next day, 6th, again made the long, long drive to Jaico, my publisher, and met with Sandhya. Baju came along with me and made quite a pitch for me! P visited Elephanta (“it was so hot I felt my brain boiling,” he said) had another great lunch at Café Modegar with Riju and Baju. Then drove to Lonavala, to Baju’s house, for the night. Drove back to the airport the next day. 
Though this recounting has tired my brain, I’m glad I did it because I relived again the wonderful feelings I had in Mumbai, and the great energy levels, functioning quite well on little food and five or six hours of sleep. P, too felt quite high, despite jet lag, and we didn’t get into any fights as I had expected from his being tired. 

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