The Curlew’s Cry

THE CURLEW’S CRY, a bi-lingual play in Hindi and English was produced by Yatrik, New Delhi, in 1982.

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ZANANA was done as a student production, directed by Tripurari Sharma, at the National School of Drama in 1980. The play won the first prize in the one act category in Sultan Padamsee Playwriting in English Award in 1977.

KAAMIYA, produced by ANK, Mumbai, translated and directed by Padamshree Ram Gopal Bajaj, ex-director of the National School of Drama, premiered at the NCPA, Mumbai, on May 4, 2014.

KEPLER DREAMS: received a staged reading at The Gas Lamp Quarter Theatre in San Diego, USA, in 1990, directed by Mark Hofflund.

HAMLET’S FATHER: received a staged reading at the Marin Shakespeare Festival, Marin, USA, in 2002, directed by Rob Clare.

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