My tempo is off these days. I am going faster than I want to, spinning around yet getting very little accomplished. This happens when I am anxious, and these days I am anxious about making my yearly trip to India for seven months. There is so much to do before leaving and together with trying to wind up my book on Guru Nanak I feel rushed when I want to rest. It affects my sleep too and that becomes a viscious circle of needing to do, not being able to, and tying myself into a knot. I go prestissimo, speed, when largo is my preferred pace, that broad, slow moving from task to task, listening only to the tempo and needs of my body for food, liquid, or rest. I have tried meditating and though it has helped, as always, I am still not where I want to be; after I am done scribbling here I will go do some yoga and go for a walk in the rain, for it is foggy and wet this morning.

Tempo is a huge topic and perhaps I will get to it a bit in later posts. Now it is time for that walk.  

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