Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
How a 13th Century Mystic is Still Changing Lives

RUMI: Tales of the Spirit
A Journey to Healing the Heart

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RUMI: Tales of the Spirit, A Journey to Healing the Heart!

This book translates the ancient wisdom of a 13th century mystic into lessons for today. It is a sweet, comforting, and at times fiery guide to nourishing the heart and the spirit. In a hopeful and pragmatic tone, timeless storyteller Rumi and award-winning author and playwright, Kamla K. Kapur, guide us through the trials of life and teach us to fully embrace them, move through challenges, and ultimately surrender to the Cosmic Will.

In 12 fresh and powerful tales of wisdom from Rumi, we learn how to:

  • Change our thinking to change our lives
  • Trust ourselves and the universe
  • Experience joy in good times and bad
  • Find strength to persevere through life’s struggles
  • Apply Rumi’s wisdom to all aspects of modern life, including relationships, business, health, and happiness

RUMI: Tales of the Spirit
by Mandala Publishing (March 12, 2019).


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RADHA SINGS is a lyrical, narrative and dramatic series of love poems from the feministic perspective of Radha…


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Personal, poignant, and woven
with fierce passion for life and the divine,
RUMI: Tales of the Spirit
will leave you with gratitude
for life’s trials and gifts.

Kamla K. Kapur introduces her new book
and explains how
its stories
teach us to live a happier more fulfilled life.


About Kamla

Kamla K. Kapur is a critically acclaimed author, playwright and poet. Her many books reimagine myths and stories from various traditions of the East.She has studied Rumi for 20 years, delving into his complex, multi-volumed Mathnawi to bring us some never before told stories, offering the wealth of the ages and timeless wisdom.

Kamla’s work has received numerous awards. She was also on the faculty of Grossmont College, San Diego for fifteen years teaching composition, literature, creative writing, mythology, and Shakespeare. She now divides her time living in the remote Kullu Valley of the Indian Himalayas and in Southern California, with her husband, Payson R. Stevens.


Kamla has written an amazing book [in which] she shares Rumi’s untold stories combined with her own rich perspective- expanding commentaries, making them highly relevant to all of us, opening doors and windows in our minds through which we can glimpse a different, lighter, more joyous way of being and living.
Daniel Burrus, Author of New York Times best-seller Flash Foresight

Rumi’s never-before-told stories coupled with Kamla Kapur’s deep wisdom about the journey from suffering to peace provide us with an elegant road map.
Ken Druck, PhD, Author of Courageous Aging and The Real Rules of Life