As you can see, I am still mulling over the book. I will bypass the polemics of the title. For me ‘man’ includes ‘woman,’ (or rather, literally, ‘woman’ includes ‘man’) and get to the germ of both it and the thesis of the book. The appearance of the phenomenon of reflecting, thinking man, he says, is the acme and purpose (he doesn’t shy away from the word) of creation.Humans, he demonstrates throughout the book with examples from chemistry, biology, astronomy and physics, (a lot of which explanations I am not ashamed to admit I skipped reading) is the ‘axis and leading shoot of evolution,’ and is central, not only to the universe, but to the construction and creation of the universe.

PS: please note that De Chardin does not debunk evolution – far from it. By including it in his vision he arrives at a synthesis of both it and faith.

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