There, you can see a little bit more of the dress here. when you are about to be 65, like I am, you can’t avoid noticing (mirrors are not kind!) how your face and body lose their contours, and you begin to look like a bag. I generally try to put a good face on it by wearing jeans, or black, and leaving my hair open — partially because I have always done it, but also because hair framing your face makes you look a bit more ‘girlish.’ But no matter what I do or wear (I haven’t colored my hair for tens of years now and am not about to), I can’t escape the face of my aging. What you can’t escape you have to turn around and face and eventually, embrace. this is my task now. It isn’t easy, but one trick is looking at yourself as you look now with eyes grown even dimmer twenty years from now. I bet twenty years from now when I look at this photo I will think I looked pretty good. 

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