By the way, the photo of my kissing the whale is on my face book page, too.

When I am up here in our home in the forest, I rarely go anywhere, since there is so much to do by way of writing/research, but occasionally I go to Jibhi, a couple of miles away, to do some shopping for fruit and vegetables at the two funky shops whose storefronts are full of shriveled old produce while the good, fresh stuff is in baskets at the back. When I get there they don’t mention about the good stuff till I ask, hoping they will be able to unload the other stuff first. But now they know I don’t settle, so they bring out the fresh veges in handfuls when I arrive. I love my rare visits to Jibhi far more than my trips to the supermarket in the US . . . I meet other people, chat, look at the dogs and the puppies, and come back laden with goodies. It is a social affair, and I love the ride to and fro along our lovely river/stream, the Hirab, and all the ancient deodars on its banks.

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