We drove to Marina Del Rey on Tuesday to go sailing with Steve Mandel, who is an experienced sailor. He lived with his family in a 71 foot boat for years, going all over the world. For the first time in my life I took the helm and steered us on the open waters. I had a hard time of it in the beginning, not knowing what I was doing, and feeling thoroughly old and incompetent. But when Steve gave me a goal: keep it moving towards that ridge in the mountains, I got it. I also had to realize I wasn’t riding a horse — you don’t pull the rein on the opposite direction that you want the horse to turn — but turn left to turn left. Of course, it was easy, on account of it being such a gentle, warm, almost windless day. 

Payson knew Steve when he was 18, and recently renewed his contact with him again. How marvelous the internet is! 

Will post a photo as soon as Steve sends them to us. 

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