Rumi: Tales of the Spirit: A Journey to Healing the Heart

By Kamla K. Kapur

Mandala Publishing, March 12,2019

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Rumi’s tales of wisdom and humanity are given fresh life in this modern masterpiece. In a hopeful but pragmatic tone, timeless storyteller Rumi and award-winning author and playwright Kamla Kapur guide us through the trials of life and teach us to embrace suffering, to pray even when it feels hopeless, and ultimately, to surrender to the cosmic will. In twelve fresh and powerful tales of wisdom, we learn to trust in ourselves and in the universe, experience joy in good times and bad, and find the strength to persevere through life’s struggles.


Kapur has been studying Rumi for twenty years. Through her detailed analysis of his life and work and her own understanding of the human condition and the present-day literary scene, Kapur brings new life to these centuries-old stories while staying true to their roots in Rumi’s time and place. These retellings convey Rumi’s deep insight on the human condition and bring to light the vast and subtle meanings of his stories that are often lost in translation. Through this work, we see that people around the world and across time have always been connected by the hopes, dreams, and inner struggles that make up the human experience.
Rumi: Tales of the Spirit is a sweet, comforting, and at times, fiery guide to nourishing the spirit.

Kamla has written an amazing book [in which] she shares Rumi’s untold stories combined with her own rich perspective- expanding commentaries, making them highly relevant to all of us, opening doors and windows in our minds through which we can glimpse a different, lighter, more joyous way of being and living.

Daniel Burrus, Author of New York Times best-seller Flash Foresight

Rumi’s never-before-told stories coupled with KamlaKapur’s deep wisdom about the journey from suffering to peace provide us with an elegant road map.
Ken Druck, PhD, Author of Courageous Aging and The Real Rules of Life

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