I know, I know, I dropped out, fell out of the bottom of my obligations, not to myself, but to others, something I have no problem doing when my life demands I pay attention to my state of body and mind. I have been tired after the hike, did not want to recollect (go into the past, for more and more I stay in the present, my joy), and want to say only a few quick things about my peak experience then move on to other things: The flowers, oh my God, the flowers! whole gardens of them, God’s garden that you have to make a pilgrimage to see. all our little attempts to make our gardens seem puny in comparison, but always in our efforts we try to imitate nature; Camping is essential to get back to the basics of life — only a few possessions, not even a house, a rudimentary kitchen, rolling rotis on a stone,   no change of clothes, just underwear, the open sky and beauty, beauty, beauty. I am very empowered by the climb, feel young at heart, unafraid, and willing to go again next year, post 65. But the thing I was really struck by was on returning how luxurious and beautiful our house seemed to me! I couldn’t get over it. Even the nature outside our windows was so exquisitly lovely! I was delighted with my Le Crueset pots and pans, and of course, ah, the bed with clean sheets on it!  Perhaps that is the aim and goal of going away, to return home!

Payson still hasn’t sent me pictures but in lieu of them I am attaching one in my next post, nothing at all to do with Lambri — an amazing photograph of a marvelous experience

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