What do you do when you don’t want to do anything, when none of your projects interest you and all you want to do is do nothing but don’t know how to, being much too much of a workaholic? This is the most urgent issue in the Third Life. The body wants to rest, the brain won’t let it and you end up working yourself into a tizzy that is both terrible for your health and your peace.

For those of us with spiritual streaks in us, that want to believe and have more faith as we age and move  gracefully towards the Event Horizon, who trust and believe in the energy we call God, or the Universe, or the Higher Power, there is one wonderful option. I am learning to REST IN GOD. Those of us who associate this phrase with death, are afraid of it. I don’t mean death by this phrase in the least, though it is what we are ultimately destined to do and the sooner we accustom ourself, or better, befriend this certainty, the better off we will be, not only at the time of our death but here, now, in life. I mean an activity, a conscious choice to rest, not simply for its own sake (though that itself is also a great achievement) but for the sake of being in the presence of the Loving, Embracing, Nurturing Presence we call Mother Father God. as soon as I say, ‘I’m going to rest in God,’ the process of deep resting begins. There is a cuddling in this resting that helps up arrive at the very verge of carefree, healing sleep.

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