While driving to the theatre I was so pleased that the NCPA was in the best part of town. The building and its environs also made me proud that my play was being done here. Walking in, seeing the set, meeting the designer, the cast, the other people that Baju, the director, had invited, doing the interview that Payson had set up as part of the video graphing of the play, was all very satisfying. As I sat on a seat, ten minutes before the play started, not seeing any audience, I felt a moment of despair – was this going to be a repeat of the NY experience? I mentioned this to P who reminded me that the doors were closed. When they opened and people started pouring in, I was relieved. I took a surreptitious glance behind me and it was a full house! I sat through the performance – without an intermission – quite taken by the play, its structure come alive with characters, plot, movement. And when after the curtain call Baju invited me up to the stage, and I got a roaring applause, my joy was complete.
P was there, milling around with his camera, quite involved, quite happy, as if it were his play. I wanted to stay after the play and celebrate but Baju wanted me to get back to the hotel and rest – it was a two hour drive back, and because we had to get up early in the morning to take another two hour drive back to visit the Elephanta caves. Bought ice cream for one of the characters who was taking a ride back with us, and the driver, on the way back, to celebrate.   

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