Dhani Ram, far left, standing, is my tailor who helps me make patchwork quilts, jackets, hand bags. Yes, I made a handbag this year — two in fact. That will be my next photo; next to him, Himmat Ram, in blue, our chawkidar or grounds keeper, great guy, takes care of and manages everything, responsible, honest, loyal, a lover of dogs. Next to him, his younger son, Lucky, and behind him, head showing, is our new driver, Uttam Singh. Then me and Payson, with our dogs, Foxy, brown, and Bhalli, jet black and skinny as a bean pole, like a thin silhouette, both with eating disorders. Bhalli runs away from food and has to be hand fed, and Foxy likes only snacks and has to be hand fed, too. Behind Payson, the guy in red, is Tek Ram, Master gardener, stone mason and carpenter who makes our furniture and carves wood panels for the front door, etc. Next to him in pale yellow is Anku, Himmat’s other son. Standing with the baby is Raju, our master chef and Rijul, his one year old son who was born after two tragic still births. Seated and smiling is Meera, Himmat’s wife, lovely lady who does her work silently gives me nurturing massages, loves and feeds the dogs in our absence. Bhalli loves to sleep with her during the cold winters, something she cannot do with us since Payson won’t let me. Seated, also, in spectacles, is Tara, Raju’s wife, who is not our employee but who visits occasionally with her son.

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