Recently I had the opportunity to reconnect with two of my classmates
 from university days, some 43 years ago – Gurjit Cheema and Dod, whose first name I still don’t know. Though they have both aged, like me, I can see continuity from then to now, a thread, and physical similarities to them then. I can see them in my mind’s eye the way they cannot see themselves. Dod, for example, has a memory of me riding a bicycle to campus that I have no memory of at all. I remember him with a moustache and he denies ever having one. Though Gurjit has maintained his slight figure, Dod is not the lithe figure I recall. My memory, superimposed on him now, makes quite a contrast. But the spirit remains unchanged. Yes, the body changes, sometimes drastically, but the spirit doesn’t. What does this tell us? Something highly essential, I think, and very comforting.

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