Mardana, the main protagonist of The Singing Guru, is finally, at the end of the second in the series of the Sikh Saga, is dying. I am sad about it and that is why it was postponed till the end of the second book. I use the passive tense, ‘it was postponed’ not ‘I postponed it’ because the book and the characters have lives of their own. Even now Mardana is resisting dying, like all of us. I will share a few of his thoughts here: 
kisee kaa meet na kisee kaa bhaa-ee naa kisai baap na maa-ee: No one has any
friend, or brother, of father or mother,’
Mardana recited Baba’s
What does it mean?
Mardana pondered. We come alone, we
suffer die alone. We are first of all children of MotherFather God. All other
connections are all karmic relationships we have to work out in the
of Life. But we get so attached to the roles we take them too seriously, become
them. Our souls are beyond roles, beyond attachments.

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