One distinct advantage of our dual life — 6 months in the US and 6 months in India  (apart from the 10 days of jet lag hell flying west; by the way, does anyone else experience this other than me? Do tell!) — is ORGANIZATION. In order to reclaim  my territory in both homes I have to re-organize the study, home, kitchen almost each time. Memory lapses, the need to know where everything is, the inevitable atrophy of 6 months, demands it. That, and the process of reclaiming a past life, making it present and relevant now, for one’s needs have invariably changed over the course of 6 months: I’m reading different books, working on a different project, eating a different diet, depending on the state of my body that asserts itself strongly as I age, as its shelf-life decreases, as it grows feebler and more in need of care and nurturing, the other end of the spectrum from infancy where the unfolding line of time joins up with itself again.

I love organization. I am reminded each time I reorganize of the word, ORGAN. Our body functions because it differentiates, adapts ‘organs’ for specific functions; we live and breathe because of such organization; society functions through it. Without it there would be anarchy, chaos, death. The words ‘work,’ ‘action,’ ‘energy,’ come from the same root. One cannot do much without it. With it, however, one can become the organ through which the wind makes music.

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