I have been dragging myself down by the weight of a necessary thing undone. I’ve finished my book and have been procrastinating on working on the proposal, necessary to send off to publishers. This isn’t the only thing weighing me down, but many others practical, being-in-the-world chores. I found myself grumbling and whining about them yesterday. And then suddenly, everything changed with the words and determination to ‘gird my loins and go to it.’ Meet it head on. When I was in boarding school at Welhams in Dehra Dun, India, I was on the rugby team — yes, rugby for girls. My team called me ‘cavalry charge’ because once I got the ball I made that inner switch in attitude that I wasn’t going to let it go till I had reached my goal. That’s what it is, a simple inner switch in attitude, a ‘yes, I can and will’ instead of ‘no, I can’t and won’t’ that makes all the difference. Once this switch is turned ON, believe me, the world and your life changes. I sat at my desk for five hours yesterday and feel in control of, instead of drowning in, paper.

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