Have been in the city for the launch of my book — busy, busy, media, interviews — all good and necessary. What makes me happiest is my reclusiveness — without a doubt. It is important to know this. I fall ill without being connected to my writing — without being entirely free to spend my day as I please.

So, there won’t be enough connectivity there; so, our electricity and water will be a problem when we are there; so, it will rain altogether entirely too much when we are there. There has been a cloudburst in Jibhi, a few miles away from us and the roads may be washed out. We hope they will be repaired by tomorrow. I long to return. So, till we have connectivity again, this is another brief goodbye.  Coming, going, leaving, returning, my life is full of them. What contrasts I navigate! All necessary for balance: being social, being reclusive, being in the city and the boonies, comfort/convenience and learning to make do — all necessary to learn the important art of centering till you can learn to make the entire field of your existence you center. Perhaps this is a trick this old dog won’t learn in this lifetime.

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