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Thanks to many literateurs, the book lovers and the media people who have cared to feature my work and interview.

“Kamla has written an amazing book [in which] she shares Rumi’s untold stories combined with her own rich perspective-expanding commentaries, making them highly relevant to all of us, opening doors and windows in our minds through which we can glimpse a different, lighter, more joyous way of being and living.”
Daniel Burrus
Author of New York Times best seller Flash Foresight
“Kapur’s style of writing is elegant, her analysis of characters and symbols in the stories is insightful, and she shows a personal intimacy with the parables and the poetry. The result is, as the title of the book says, Rumi’s stories to live by—to live by the Spirit.”
Rasoul Shams
Author of Rumi: The Art of Loving and the founding director of the Rumi Poetry Club
“One could consider this book a guidebook for navigating the difficulties of life. No matter what you believe, if you are someone who seeks to better understand themselves, their experiences, and their reactions to the world, you can benefit from the stories and lessons in this encouraging and inspirational book.”
Seven Ponds
“Rumi’s never-before-told stories coupled with Kamla Kapur’s deep wisdom about the journey from suffering to peace provide us with an elegant road map.”
Ken Druck
PhD, author of The Real Rules of Life and Courageous Aging
“Rumi: Tales of the Spirits is not rigid or strict, but rather a fluent book that stimulates your connection with your higher self, the Divine, the universe, or whichever name you decide to use, and that’s what matters the most…Readers should get a copy of this one if they’re seeking a stronger connection and bond with the superior energy that watches over us.”
Lightwork Review
“Like her earlier book, Rahda Sings, these poems have a fearless and sensuous quality. Absence is made a presence through the language of poetry taking language where it has not been before. I do not remember ever reading poetry that dares to go where most poets have feared to go. This book creates poetry that is so stirring, so magnificent in its nobility and yet so sensuous in its presence.”
Ashok Vijpayee
Well-known Indian Poet
“This marvelous work of a thirteenth-century religious visionary is a cosmic road map that teaches us, among many things, how to cleverly embrace suffering and thereby harness our inner demons, the better to find our better angels. Here we learn that from them both come self-knowledge, joy, gratitude, fearlessness, and ultimately survival and triumph. Kamla Kapur helpfully holds our hand on the journey. The miraculous insight is—it works.”
Thomas Hoover
Author of The Zen Experience
“I highly recommend Rumi to readers who need to fill that connection between life and divine. It will navigate those who seek direction and purpose. It is food for the soul of those who already have a spiritual connection but have just had trouble translating it into everyday life. And it is a book that belongs on our shelves to come back to time and time again when readers feel their connection to the divine waning in the light of their life and circumstances they find themselves in…Readers can expect to be enlightened, encouraged, motivated and given a new sense of hope in the human experience.”
Facing North

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