The year is winding down and it’s important to do some stock taking. Payson and I went out to the cliffs yesterday, and because my hip was hurting, we just sat on a corner of the cliffs hidden from the path by bushes, and talked. We talked about the almost over year — an important aspect of stock taking since it helps us put things in perspective; the important thing here is to see even the so called ‘negative’ events in a healthy light, which is their true light. We talked about  our hopes for the coming year. After talking about wanting health for Payson and me, and a list of other things I’ve forgotten, almost as an afterthought I said, I would like my spiritual life to deepen. Payson replied: that is our task now.
I have been thinking about that, specially this morning. I woke up rested and happy but when I turned on the computer a prospective renter to Powhatan (falling vacant at the end of Jan) fell through, and my state of mind was so fragile that I perceived it as rejection, and all my other rejections crowded in upon me, making me feel vulnerable and worthless. I knew I had to meditate, and did. So much became clear to me while meditating: there is, ultimately, only one thing to ask the Lord of the Universe for; everything else is perishable.
That one thing is that relaxed, easy state of mind and heart where everything the universe brings – and it’s going to bring a mixed bag, the up down of the stock market, the graph of the beating heart – I can accept with open arms. But perhaps this is not the first thing to ask for. Ask only for the Cosmic Wish Fullfiller. Ask only for Love. This alone is the treasure of all treasures. This brings you to that place where the heart and mind, though frequently disturbed by the winds, return to that place where all is always all right. This then, is what I wish for my dear readers. 

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