as I often do, saying to myself, but there is no CAUSE for it, I’m just being lazy, I should work more and harder, I don’t deserve my rest, etc, etc. If I question it too much, I end up depressed, which is a sure sign of something done wrong. when I am depressed, I dislike myself, everything I do, and everything my life is. It is no way to live. fortunately, I recognize it right away and take necessary steps to make amends. yesterday, for example, I stayed in bed all day reading Ramesh Menon’s first tome on THE MAHABHARATA. Yes, it sure helps to have a book to help you rest. It has been many, many years now, but I rested with Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, great rest aids. I didn’t go for a walk, or do any yoga, but got a wonderful massage, and slept again. This morning the blue whistling thrush is singing away her song and regaling me as I sit on the sofa in the library, looking out at the waters roaring with sunlight amidst all that ancient green.

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