It seems to me that there are days — like today, for me — when sickness, or oversleeping lays you low and you don’t know where to begin your day; when your brain has forgotten or is unable to negotiate the day, something simple, like where to begin, for example; when right there, in the very beginning, when you haven’t even begun, and find yourself lost, that is the time to put inertia to work. Inertia is that force that keeps everything on track, that keeps you going once you have begun, or keeps you stopped when you have stopped. Then a tiny little resolve — like, okay, I’m just going to lie down on the floor and do what I can of my yoga routine, begin wherever, and let the body to do its thing — really helps. This is the reason why we go over and over and over in our routines so that our bodies — and not just our minds — remember. So, this morning I began slowly, letting the memory of my body guide me. I did 33 minutes of it, and now I am ready to begin my day by cleaning up my study — oh what a joy to be able to do this mundane, this heavenly thing! — picking up the broom, sorting out piles of paper. I am plugged into my day, and sailing along smoothly.

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