Did I mention I went up to the padchatti of my old room upstairs and got a heap of my manuscripts, covered with dust and gamexene, to kill silverfish, down after a hiatus of some thirty years, sunned and aired them? I have read THE CURLEW’S CRY, and THE LOLLIPOP THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS THE BEASTS. I am in awe of my talent! The former is well crafted, and the latter, wow, I know it will never be produced for it is too abstract, too poetic for this audience, but I love it! I love the songs in it as well, and in the hands of a good director it could do well.

I will think of KAAMIYA as my ten minutes of fame and be content, even if nothing ever gets produced again. This is a resolve, so help me God. I don’t want to get greedy here.

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