understand my trepidation about blogging. This paradise is not as
well-connected as we would like. The Internet is very iffy and when we do have
it, it is very slow and frustrating, though I am learning not to get frustrated
about anything lately. As much as I would like to post photos it is going to be
increasingly impossible.
by the way, I mention an internal storm in my last blog and it is incumbent
upon me to say something about it. I had a terrible day two days ago – who
knows why? I woke up that way and could do nothing to get back into my skin and
be myself. Of course, there was a dreadful storm that blew out our electricity
(which goes off more often than it stays on), but the external storm was only a
mirror of my internal one. My internal storms blast the roof off my home and
make me discontent with everything that I love. The worst thing about them is
that I don’t remember that things have been and will be better. The very next
day I felt great and wondered what that day was all about.
morning I thought I should write about it to fix it in my memory. At first I
thought ‘bad days should be seen from the perspective of good days,’ but later
I realized that there is a higher perspective than both of them. I have never
quite understood what Guru Nanak meant by staying above both good and bad until
I experienced these two dramatic days. This perspective is not easy to maintain
but worth striving for.

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