a month of silence in which the last thing I wanted to do was post on the blog
(too much was happening), I am in the mood to make contact with words again.
Publically. Getting on the plane I was so hungry for solitude and to make
contact with writing that over the long flight I edited the first twelve
chapters of the next book in the series of the Sikh Saga, THE DANCING GURU (by
the way, have you bought a copy of THE SINGING GURU yet and posted a review on Would appreciate it! I need sales to help place the next book) and
upon my return, while buying a car while in the throes of jet lag, completed
two more chapters. Clearly, as my body let me know, it was too much. So I
pulled way back and allowed myself some much needed rest. Life is so simple
when all you do is the necessary! When the goal of your day is to make sure you
straighten up your room (and I only have one room to deal with in my third
life, mercifully) when you feel like it (and most of the time I take my time
with it with the result that my OCD mother has anxiety attacks even if she just
peeps in), brush your teeth (a must, though I let it slide some times. Most of
the time I am so aware of the foul breath of others that I don’t want to
subject anyone to mine), bathe, think about what food to eat.
about food, I simply adore that my eating needs are so very simplified and a
little goes a long way if it is the right little. I tiny bit of kabab and
veges, or an egg with cheese can sustain me for half a day.
was I speaking about? Ah yes, posting. I had to scroll up to the top of this
entry to find the connection, the mind happy to wander and fall into lapses. I
want to speak a bit more about my third life and how much I love having help.
This is definitely a perk I miss in the USA. I can write more here because of
it. I am quite happy to let others do the things they do better than I do, and
reserve for myself only the things that I can.
what I meant to say was that I will post as much as I can while I can, both in
terms of energy and internet connection. When I return to our home in the
Himalayas, the connection is always iffy till I have bugged the Internet folks
enough to ensure there is an almost steady availability. It is good to get away
from the compulsion to blog, and good when I want to ramble this way, here.

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