A wonderful book, first published in 1961, the kind that broadens your perspective and makes you get out of your usual way of  perceiving existence. Here are a few quotes:

“I must seek a perspective far beyond the traditional, beyond the safe and proper, even beyond the human.”

“In a very real sense it (our Earth) is alive. Like an animal it stirs in its sleep, it breathes air, it grows, its wounds heal, its juices circulate, its skin metabolizes, its nerves crackle quietly with vital messages. it even rumbles with internal gas and dreams and itches a little and (through its inhabitants) feels self-conscious.”

“The present mountains are just a momentary frown on the earth’s face — passing wrinkles that have only at long intervals appeared before and will never be the same again.”

“Like matter itself, terra firma thus reveals her illusory nature.”

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