Absolute beauty with all the flowers you’ve brought into our home….how can one not be happy to see a tulip open or experience the fragrance of fresh Frezia!?

Here’s the plant-creativity stuff:

Scientists from the University of Exeter found plants aid concentration, increase productivity and boost staff wellbeing by 47 per cent at work

They conducted a study at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show to compare people’s effective output across different types of business space

The researchers found allowing staff to make design decisions in a leafy workspace can increase productivity by 38 per cent

At work: Houseplants are proven to aid concentration, productivity and reduce sick days, according to the TNO Quality of Life study.

In schools: Having plants in a classroom can boost the learning potential for students, according to the Royal College of Agriculture.

In hospitals: Hospital patients with plants in their room have less pain, anxiety, and fatigue, take significantly less pain medication, have lower blood pressure and heart rates, and are happier with their recovery rooms than patients without plants, researchers from Kansas State University said.

In homes: Plant-filled rooms contain 50-60 per cent fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms without plants. They literally suck out chemicals in the air that could be linked to colds, breathing problems and even cancer, according to the Stennis Space Centre.

To the environment: Nasa said houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours.

To our health: Indoor plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold-related illnesses by more than 30 per cent, according to the University of Agriculture in Norway.

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