surprisingly, I wasn’t at all tired when I arrived at the campsite. Himmat made a wonderful dinner of daal and chawal and we crawled into our tent to sleep. I had thought I would go out like a light after the  exhausting climb, but no, I couldn’t sleep. The tent was on an incline and though i kept pushing myself up, I kept sliding down to the bottom of the tent. The next morning after breakfast Payson and I went off for another hike up the meadow carpeted with buttercups and tiny flowers I did not know the names of, to the edge of the forest where yet another meadow began. There were two stone huts made by gujjars who come seasonally to graze their horses, sheep and cows. I could go no further and sat down surrounded by dwarf bearded irises so lovely that just to see them was reason enough to climb the peak.  when P sends me the photos he took I shall post them for you to see.  

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