I am still on the topic of killing, as you can see. Let me tell you what happened on my last birthday. I was very conscious that it was the day my mother gave birth to me, and said so to her on the phone, that my birthday is also her birthday. When I went upstairs to the bathroom to take my bath in our home in the Kullu Valley, one of those huge spiders so common here, was huddled in the corner of the bathing area, a large white, circular pad beneath her body, giving birth to hundreds of spiders all around her. After much hesitation I grabbed her (gently) with my old underwear and put her out of the window, then proceeded to flush down her babies with hot, scalding water, aware that unless I did so, the bathroom would be teeming with huge spiders a little later on in the season. So, my birthday began with birth cum death day for the spiders.    

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