I had said earlier on this blog that it was a mistake to blog at the expense of journaling. Here is why.

The truth that can be communicated is a lesser truth than the one you can express when there is no audience. 

Journaling is for your eyes only, while blogging is for others’. Journaling is communication with your own soul.

In communicating with others there is always the danger of shamming.

The truth that can be communicated is a very limited truth. It is cleaned at the edges, or cut and made to fit so as to be presentable. It isn’t rough edged, raw, incoherent the way truth can be. I am saying something about appearances and what is behind them. 

Though what it communicated can often be true, it can never be Truth, which is inexpressible.

That communication is best that skirts the edges of the soul and borders on that self-communion that happens in journaling.

To prove I believe the last sentence I shall try and implement it in my blog through which I communicate.  

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