It’s taken me a long time to return to my solitude after my stint in the ‘world.’ What I mean by this word is anything outside my home! No, not quite true, since the garden and this jungle is also my home. Anything out of my bubble, then. I love bubbles. They are so congenial, comfortable, cozy, secure, and . . . of course, fleeting and impermanent. A visit or a phone call can shatter it, though I am learning to make my life seamless — in, out, home, world all of a piece, or peace.

I’m back in the saddle, working on two books sporadically, doing music, and my latest love, gardening. I am working on the micro level, the small details, making little sculptures, or just angling lovely stones here and there. The days have been so warm and sunny, though today it is overcast and that is fun too, for I get to stay in bed and knit, write, be with the dogs.

I’ll try and make a beginning here, again. I sometimes tentatively think of closing down this blog. If you have any reason why I shouldn’t, do let me know!

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