I have had a long stretch of working intensely on the second book in the Sikh Saga which is coming along to my immense satisfaction. But the brain was fried, and my mother was bugging me to come see her, so here I am, in hot Chandigarh, with an AC that has blown, but internet (albeit slow) after a week of no connectivity, and, I am told, perhaps not for a long, long time.

After a week of bad sleep (too much working will do that to you), I slept all the way down here, an 8 hour trip, in the new car whose front and back seat push down to make a nice bed, and slept all of last night, too. My brain is what I call “splattered” — no thoughts, no brilliance, just happily dull. I am going to keep it that way, and the heat helps; also, the cushioning that my family environment provides.

There is more to say in the next post. But this is all for now, to let you guys know I am still alive after a long silence.

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