Well, Idleness has its limits even though its advantages are enormous. I have no doubt that it was idleness that gave me the energy to leap up on the saddle once more and resume my writing adventure. The Timer Trick, which I think I have talked about before, works each time to motivate me. I tell myself, today I am going to go to my files, or a particular chapter that has been stalled, and work on it for just fifteen minutes. Somedays it is as little as five minutes. I use an actual timer because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I use it for yoga and walks, meditating and music practice. When I set my goals really low I know I am certain to achieve them, which in turn gives me the confidence to set higher goals. Well, the first day I worked for a whole hour; the next day, two hours and forty minutes. I woke up tired today and rather than stress myself out by an impossible goal, I told myself 20 minutes will be my goal. Well, it turned out to be another hour and because I was thinking about the chapter, I got two or three great ideas to proceed.

so, be kind to yourself. Love yourself, and your self will reward you.

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