It’s always a long drive up here to our mountain home, longer this time (almost 12 hours) because the roads were bumpy and congested.  I am tired when I arrive here, but happy. Nothing like the greetings of dogs to make you feel entirely happy and at home. Miraculous, Payson called from the US at the exact moment the dogs greeted me, to say, ‘welcome home.’ Miraculously, too, the electricity, which is invariably off when we arrive, was on, so the refrigerator could be turned on and the frozen fish and other things I got from the city in an icebox could be transferred to the freezer.  Because I arrived rather late in the evening I decided to not unpack till the next morning and just get into the bed Meera made for me while Raju made me a soup. All day the next day – cold, cold and wet – I did as much as I could, and our wonderful staff got the kitchen and pantry where the mice had made a mess by partying and doing as much damage as they could in our absence, in excellent shape.
Today I am doing what I have not done for months and months, and enjoying it thoroughly – sitting in bed with a hot water bottle, the warm gas stove on full blast,  the dogs warm on their beds before it, and giving THE SINGING GURU a final (famous last words) edit. When I got hungry, Raju brought me fruit – mangoes have started to come in from the South, and papaya – and a gluten free roti with butter and an egg. Yum!
So now, my third life has begun. It will be interrupted briefly in about 10 days when I return to the city to spend some more time with my mother, receive Payson when he arrives, and fly off the Mumbai on the same day to see my play, KAAMIYA, produced.

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