These posts are erratic — either too many, or not at all — depending mainly on connectivity and level of energy.

After a whirlwind stay in the city – book release, birthday, press, interviews, I have
been very strung out, unable to sleep, still going with the old momentum,
finishing two chapters, and pushing, pushing to complete two
others that will complete the first draft of the book. But the night before last, slept in, did nothing all day except the
absolutely necessary, and slept in well last night, too. Pulled back from
writing though I think I will do a bit of work on it today. 
My classmates from the class of ’65 at Welham Girls’ High School contacted me several months ago. They were unable to trace me because of my name change from Kamal to Kamla. They all called me Camel. I still don’t know how, but here we are, connected again. For a long time I vacillated about going for the 50th reunion. Decided
on Friday that I would go to the Welham reunion, after all, made a booking for
three nights at the Lemon Tree, and almost wanted to back out when I was told
Anju (my best friend then) wasn’t coming, but yesterday I took out the old album of photographs from
Welhams and decided what the hell, do it! It will be an experience. Generally I
only want to make the effort if it has anything to do with my ‘career’ as a
writer, but after a series of dreams in which I am missing out on fun, I think
this will be an interesting thing to do. Also, after seeing Anjali’s photos I
send her an email and she wrote right back and now we are connected. Will make
a trip to NY, too, where she lives. There is much love there. 

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